By Craig Gealy

This week has seen some interesting divisional results – with many teams jumping right up their respective tables to get to the top.

In Division 1, visiting side Bear FC beat White Swan 4-1. Goals from Mo Saibu and Luke Stephenson contributed to Bear’s win – however, with only a single goal from Rick Foley for the Swans, a brace by Benjamin Evans secured Bear’s win this weekend. Radford have also beaten their home side of AFC Nottingham 4-1. A sound goal from Tony Ariztegui was not enough for AFC to take the lead, and with Radford’s Shawn Evans and Tom Wheeldon fighting back, coupled with a brace from Warren Kenton, the away side came home victorious. Finally, Sycamore St Anns start to get the ball in motion with a 5-1 home win over Lord Nelson. Sean Allen fought well for the Lords, but a hat trick from Reece Campbell, alongside singles from both Corey Murray and Otis Wilson allowed Sycamore to take the win for their own.

Division 2 saw Toton Hill getting smashed by a visiting Notts United – battling them out for Notts to take the victory 7-1 – with a cracking goal by Shane Thompson for the home side. Arnold Victory also win away this weekend, this time against Friar Tuck 2-1. Peter Opie brought a great goal to the game for Friar, however with a brace from Stefan Howells, AV could begin to live up to their name. ABP FC continue to rule the top of the division, after a 6-4 well fought away game against Southbank. Singles from Paul Hurst, Ed Smyth, Mark Bird, David Hickman, Rickey Jouhal and Dean Hickman all brought ABP the win – and even with goals from Sheldon Tuih and Ryan Bramley, alongside Robert Wallace’s brace, Southbank just could not match ABP’s form this weekend. Reckitt Benckiser really start to soar away from the rest of the competition after some impressive wins in the past few weeks – and this week is no exception. They went on to win on home turf against Medina 8-1. Danai Burns gave a quality performance for Medina, however Dale Hayes also hit home for RB. The thing that pushed it into victory was probably the combination of a hat trick from Richard Fox, and a double brace from David Papworth – allowing Reckitt to take the win.

Beeston Hornets stride away from their fellow Mariners in Division 3 after winning at home over Nuthall County 7-0. With a hat trick from Jake Dickerson, alongside a brace from Tom Cain, and two more goals from Joe Nottingham (one being a brilliant penalty shot), the Hornets really dug deep into Nuthall, proving a fatal sting for the away side. Duke of St Albans continue to hit the ground running after time off games, with a 3-0 home win over Athletico Rangers. Dale Hatton, Conor Scott and Ryan Dixon all scored well for the Dukes, leaving them in prime place in the divisional leaderboard. Finally however, FC Galaxy continue to rule the top of the table, after an outstanding 8-1 win against home side Sports Direct. Jordan Rhodes fought well for SD, but an unlucky two own goals allowed Galaxy to spread out their reign. Also, with Stuart Morris and Dan Huskinson bringing some great goals to the game, alongside braces from both Sean Craven and Adam Denning, this was a match well set in Galaxy’s favour.

By Tylah Marston

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