Junior Cup takes centre stage

By Craig Gealy

With the League’s Junior Cup hitting the mark this weekend, the newer teams were finally faced with their first real competition for the coveted title – and had a lot to live up to after some of our higher teams played particularly well in the Edwin Varne

Toton Hill started their Junior Cup campaign well after a great 6-0 home win over Kingswell Rangers II – with an impressive four goals coming from Carl Allsop, teamed with singles from both Josh Davenport and JP Newbold. Duke of St Albans FC retain their winning edge, even after several weeks off due to cancelled games, and hit the ground running again with a 3-1 home victory against FC Eagle – setting them in good stead for the rest of the competition. Dale Hatton scored one for the Dukes, and even though Chris Edgeworth brought a worthy goal to the game for the Eagles, this just was not enough to stop the Dukes’ own wonder-striker Conor Scott from scoring a brace – allowing the Dukes to take the glory. A tight match was fought between Notts United and visiting side Reckitt Benckiser, with Notts just coming out on top at 6-5. There were some great goals from RB’s scorers – including Scott Williamson, Ryan McGinn and a hat trick from Dale Hayes. However, a double brace from Notts’ Callum Cossey and a single brace from Jervall Bertram secured the win. Friar Tuck come back with a bang after winning 5-1 at home over division 3 leaders FC Galaxy. A single goal from Stuart Morris was not enough for Galaxy, and Friar Tuck gained an impressive lead, with the help of Anthony Pregon, Matthew Blaze and Tom Turner. Also, with Peter Opie scoring a brace, their lead was substantial enough to allow them the victory. Away side Beeston Hornets beat Medina 2-1 in this week’s rounds. Even though Ali Khan gave a great goal for Medina, the Hornets were too quick, and stung back with goals from Jake Dickerson and Leigh White. Gremio come back on top after some defeats and land back on their feet with an outstanding 8-0 away victory over Scorpion United FC. Gremio opened the scoring with a free kick from Paul Langley, which Alex Bradbury then followed up by scoring another free kick. Alex then tapped it in again, from close range this time, to make it three for Gremio. Liam Bradbury scored just before half time with a top corner spectacular. Saul Sanders capitalised on some poor defending, tapping it in from close range. Jai Makanji then added to the goalscoring with a close range effort, and then scored another not long after with some assistance off the post. Connor Boulton was the one to round off the scoring for Gremio by hitting a left-footer from 35 yards, which found the goal's top corner – giving Gremio the glory. Sports Direct also gain three points, after beating home team Beeston Mariners 4-1. Even though Ben Ashley hit a good goal into the back of the net, this did not match the performance that Sports Direct did. Finally, Nuthall County bring their first win this season to the Junior Cup’s first round, with a highly impressive, but well fought game against home team Athletico Rangers, with Nuthall coming out on top at 7-4. Reece Bestwick, Simon Innes and Daniel Cooper (with a brace) all fought valiantly for the Rangers, however Nuthall’s scorers really hit home this weekend. Tremere Lindo smashed through with a 30 yard free kick, alongside great goals from Jack Cannon and Scott Sellers. However, an impressive player, James Darrington, not only gave a 25 yard belter for a free kick, but managed to gain another three goals for his team – earning himself a double brace, and contributing significantly to the overall score, and hence victory.

In the remaining Edwin Varney senior trophy The Vale won away 5-3 over Bear FC – with goals from Deion Moss, Daniel Lane and Luke Britton for the winning side, alongside a brace from Dominic Garcia. Simon Winson scored well for Bear, as did Bemnet Berhane with a brace, however this was not enough to clinch the win for themselves against The Vale’s impressive score. Aspley United won at home 7-2 against AFC Nottingham – with some brilliant goals from Tony Ariztegui and Kizitu Awaji for AFC, however Aspley hit home the hardest. Wayne Evans brought a hat trick, alongside a double brace for Simon Cassidy.

After the excitement of this week’s rounds for the Junior Cup, Division 1 had to step it up a notch, and they certainly did! with Radford winning over White Swan 5-1 – with a goal from Ashley McKay hitting home for the Swans. However, with goals from Grant Humpfreys and Adam Pemberton, alongside Shawn Evans’ hat trick,

Division 2 has seen two very exciting matches, with a large number of goals in each. Firstly, Eastwood Community FC are continuing to chase the top spot, and win this week over home side Southbank an impressive 9-1. Daniel Eddyshaw scored well for the home team, however three own goals just opened up the way for scoring from ECFC’s strikers. These include Jez Bailey, Bobby Thomas and Adam Hassell – and with Matt Wilders bringing a cracking hat trick to the game, it was game over for Scorpion United. Finally, new to the division, ABP FC, really begin to prove their worth, and continue their winning streak by beating visitors Arnold Victory an outstanding 13-0. Singles from Rickey Jouhal and Mark Bird set the scene, then Paul Hurt joined in with a hat trick, and to top it off, double braces from both David Hickman and Edward Smyth allowed ABP to take the win.

By Tylah Marston

Where next?

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